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Everyone is familiar with the saying “Everything is bigger in Texas”, and this is evidenced by the presence of massive Fort Hood. Built in 1942 and located in Killeen, Texas, Fort Hood is one of the largest existing military bases, with a population of more than 30,000. The fort is named after General John Bell Hood, who was known for his aggressiveness and bravery.

This is one of the favorite places to transfer to among soldiers today and has spawned the name “The Great Place” due to the surrounding areas and the excellent quality of life that the base is known for. Killeen real estate offers a stable, family-oriented environment, which is especially important for those being deployed. Other reasons Fort Hood is known as “The Great Place” are their stellar educational centers, new housing, recreational facilities, and the best medical care you can find. All of this makes Fort Hood a thriving community that many soldiers relish the chance to be a part of.

More than 80 percent of the population of Killeen real estate residences are married couples. This is likely why Fort Hood is known as a family oriented base that cares about their community. The average size of a family according to Killeen real estate numbers for the area is almost 4 people per household. This means that this is also a great place for the kids, as they have a great chance to play and make friends with other children very easily.

To give you an idea of how massive Fort Hood is, and how valued Killeen real estate is, you need to look no further than their schools. There are nine schools that are a part of the Killeen Independent School District located in Fort Hood. Most towns only have three or four schools in their district. Having your children educated is not a problem for Fort Hood residents, which is another contributing factor as to why it is such a sought after location for military personnel.

The three main sections of Fort Hood are known as The Main Post, North Fort Hood, and West Ford Hood. No matter which section of Killeen real estate you choose, you can be assured it will present a quality choice.