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There are universal principles that apply to Austin Real Estate regardless of where you find yourself in the housing market, for example with supply and demand, one goes up the other goes down. The key to being a successful Austin Realtor® is being able to understand local market factors and how they affect these basic real estate principles.

For example, in Austin we have an environmentally sensitive area known as the Edwards
Aquifer that is mostly off limits to new housing development. This environmental factor is constraining the Southwest Austin Real Estate supply and has significantly driven demand and property values up in South and Southwest Austin neighborhoods.

In a rapidly growing city such as Austin, Texas, it is also imperative that your Austin Realtor® understand local real estate ordinances and how they may impact your property values. A good example of this is Austin’s Residential Design & Compatibility Standards also known as the “Mc Mansion Ordinance” that limits the size by square footage and height of homes you may build or remodel in the greater central Austin neighborhoods. The ordinance reduces the potential new home size by as much as 50% of Pre-Mc Mansion ordinance regulations. Because of this ordinance, Austin Realtors® are seeing a drastic increase in demand for homes on larger lots in this area. This demand significantly increases their property values.

If your Austin Realtor® does not understand these and other important market factors, they might not have an accurate picture of a property values. Be sure you choose an Austin Realtor® who takes market conditions into consideration when helping sellers determine a good list price, and that they understand and can explain to you how market conditions may impact your decisions regarding Austin real estate.

If you are buying or selling Austin real estate, New Homes Market Center’s Austin Realtors® are on top of their game and have their fingers on the cities pulse! Call us today to get paired up with an Austin Realtor® who can assist you with your real estate needs. View our agents