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Before construction starts, you can expect a period of preparation. Part of the preparation includes finalizing the details on the architectural design, plans and contract with the builder. This is also the time to get final approval on your loan financing. This could take up to three weeks. The builder will work on getting the proper permits and architectural committee approval required to build your custom home. The builder cannot move forward in the construction process without the proper permits and sign-off from the appropriate committees. Many of the problems discussed in the Lot Selection part of this guide can come up here – doing your homework upfront can help speed this process along. Once contracts are signed and your lender approves your loan, you can move into the construction process.

Design Selections

This is the fun part! Some builders have an in house design selection center where one of their designers works with you to pick out your interior and exterior selections or you may work with a builder that allows for more freedom in your choices by working on your own or with your designer. Watch your budget carefully because this is usually where many of the overruns come into play. It can be overwhelming due to the large selection and the amount of choices and decisions you have to make when it comes to building custom homes. If you have a hard time making these kinds of decisions on your own, it may be better for you to hire or work direct with a professional designer to assist you with the selections and what works well together.

Further, if you choose something and find out after installation that you absolutely dislike it, many builders will work with you to take it out – at your expense – and replace it with something else. Typically, builders have change order policies in place should you want to change your mind during the process. It is always good to ask what the policies are upfront. Of course the goal is to make decisions that will make you happy upfront so this situation does not come up. Since this process can be lengthy, it is usually broken up into parts depending on the stage of construction. For example, you may make your exterior options initially and your flooring options later.

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