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Step 2. Find a Realtor® You Can Trust

Finding a Realtor® who understands your needs and concerns is important. You should choose the REALTOR that you feel most comfortable with and that you trust. The Realtor’s® job is to present properties that fit your wants and needs and to help facilitate the purchase of the home you choose.

It is in the Realtor’s® best interest to see that you get the best deal possible on your new home. A Realtor® is only as good as their reputation, and most of their business is dependent on referrals from happy clients. With that in mind, you should expect a Realtor® to be knowledgeable of current market trends, contracts, contingencies, sellers’ disclosures, problems characteristic of certain home areas, as well as completing comparative market analysis of properties of interest. Working with a Realtor® reduces your workload, increases your odds of finding a new home that you will enjoy, and decreases the likelihood of having unexpected problems arise in the future.

When you write your contract, it is important to have a real estate agent that not only understands your overall financial goals, but also can integrate them within a purchase contract. You can rest assured that New Homes Market Center’s Realtors® will write your offer with all your needs and goals in mind.

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