New Home Buyers | New Homes Market Center

“We’re all working toward the same goal: providing first-class real
estate services that simplify the new home buying process.”
-Jay Parham, President, New Homes Market Center

Every one of our founders has had the experience of purchasing new home – going from builder to builder – never knowing exactly how the neighborhood will evolve – always wondering if there’s something better… somewhere else.

Convinced that there had to be a better way, our founders used their combined expertise to create a new approach. They harnessed the power of technology – developing a comprehensive, electronic database of builders, floor plans and communities within the Austin area. So, instead of going from model home to model home in hopes of eventually finding the right home, our clients can save time and energy by searching for the right floor plan at the right price in the right neighborhood before ever setting foot in a model home.

Our founders realize how important representation is when buying a new home, so they insisted that New Homes Market Center be different. Our Agents do not simply drop their clients off at the builder’s door. They insure that their clients are treated fairly and get the best price for their new home. And, to make the process easier, we can even assist you with financing the sale. It’s one-stop shopping for new home sales.

The builder pays our fees. Our commission comes from the builder, just like a standard realtor’s commission does. This commission is already budgeted as a builder’s marketing expense, and does not affect the price of the home, so it’s to our clients’ advantage to use a professional. We are usually able to save our clients more money than if they went directly to the builder. And the difference between the standard realtor and us? We offer our clients so much more.